Security is integral part of any transaction or sharing. It prevents unauthorized access to your computer. If the computer is connected to the network and not well protected, it is more prone to such kind of threats. You can carry out few precautions which will reduce the intensity of the risks that you may face.  Security in wireless network is never completely guaranteed. There are few easy steps you must keep in mind in order to maintain your systems secure.

Check Whether Connection is Secure or Not

Though security cannot be predicted, you can check whether the connection is secure or not. When you try to connect to network it might ask you for security code. Such kinds of networks are secured networks. In the list of all available networks if the network icon carries yellow indication over its head, it is not protected network. This yellow shield indicates possible risky network that can harm your computer by unauthorized access. Unauthorized access can cause any harm and upto any extent. It can sole all the information from your system.

Networks in public places

Due to advancement in the wireless network technology, you can now connect your laptop to networks in public places like coffee shops or shopping malls etc. There always exists a privacy statement that indicates which type of files will get read by Internet Service Provider if you connect to the network. If you wish to connect such kind of network, you must ensure that the kind of files mentioned in statement does not include your personal data files. You must also check what types of files are saved in your system, if there are any. If everything is confirmed and secured, you can access that network.

Risk and Precautions with Unprotected Networks

It is recommended that you should not connect to the network that is not protected. There might be user on that network that can make use of different utilities to check the actions performed by you. He can check websites you visit, can see the document under work and many more things. He can also recognize the username and password you use to log into different accounts and thus increases the risk. So if you are connecting to unprotected network, you should not work on the information that if get leaked can cause loss to your company. You must also restrict your self from connecting to password protected networks while you are logged into that network.

As mentioned earlier, networking has made file sharing easier but at the same time if particular precautions are not taken it can prove fatal for you from security point of view. Thus, it is always better to stay connected in protected network reducing the risk of getting hacked.