Windows Phone 7 was launched in October in Australia, Europe and Singapore and was released in the month on November in US/Canada. Asian consumers still have to wait till 2011 to use this wonderful mobile platform. It is bundled with wonderful compatibility with hardware and software and featuring Microsoft applications.

The application comes with so many great and unique features and some of the basic features as well. Some features are very essential for any smart phone and Voicemail service is one of them.

The voicemail service is used when a caller is not able to reach or when you do not want to answer the phone then a voice message or IVR is played where caller can record and send the message which can be heard later by receiver. At times you might also miss to check the voice mail.

Here are some of the simple steps to Setup and check voicemail in Windows Phone 7:

Set up Voicemail on your Windows Phone 7.


To receive voicemail on your phone you first need to setup voicemail on your Windows Phone 7.

Click on the Phone tile from the Start option and then go to Voicemail


It will ask you to record the greeting and the voicemail message which will be heard by the caller. Follow the instructions and set the voicemail message and end the call to Hang up.

Check the voicemail

Windows Phone 7 shows all the features and option in Tile format and it shows a notification when you receive a voicemail. The voicemail icon appears at the top of Start. The notification also shows the number and on the Phone Tile.

Step 1:

From the Start, go to the Phone option and select the Voicemail option.

Step 2:

Please enter the voicemail password if you have set one. Now you will see a new screen with list of voicemail. Select the voice mail which you want to play and ten you can listen to the voicemail. You can also manage voicemail from the same place like deleting old voicemails, etc.

Step 3:

At the end, just press the End button to hang up the call.

Voicemail function is a very useful feature, especially for the professionals and corporate employees who must be busy in the meeting and cannot pick the call all the times. All they need to do it to just record a message and activate the voicemail service and caller will be able to record important message. You can also change the voicemail number if required which is a very flexible feature as well.