Computer keyboards are one of the most important components of your computer system. You can say that the keyboards are the gateway between the computer and you. Keyboards are use to write different documents and it is also used to browse the Internet. You can select between various types of keyboard, it ranges from a basic keyboard to multimedia keyboard. But it is also important to check the compatibility of keyboard with the computer. You can choose keyboards depending on your needs, some keyboards like basic one use to type words and some can save your website address on one stroke. We will tell you about the different types of keyboards.

Standard types:

In the standard type of keyboard, keys are arranged in two standard formats: QWERTY and AZERTY. To know about the format just look at the top most alphabetical row. If you are familiar with typewriter then you can easily cop with these standard keyboards. These keyboards are useful when you are planning for Internet browsing, creating documents, spreadsheets or creating emails and sending. Standard keyboards contains 53 to 104 keys, some keyboards also come with a compatible mouse.

Standard features:

Standard keyboard comes with features like standard layout of the keys. These keys are tab, print screen, insert, delete etc. the additional functional keys allow you to tab, type in all caps, insert, delete and perform countless other functions. New standard keyboard comes with additional music control keys and internet shortcut keys. With one stroke you can edit, save or open browsers. These keyboards are also comes in different attractive colors.

There are several benefits of these standard keyboards like you do not require an extensive knowledge of technology. As we told you that a simple knowledge of typewriter is ok for adjusting with the keyboard. Standard keyboards are also easily available in the market and at very cheap price.

Multi-Functional Keyboards:

When you are opting for multi-functional keyboards, the choices are many. You have several options like programmable keyboards with up to 130-keys, large print keyboards, multiple language keyboards, cordless keyboards and compact keyboards. You have also keyboards with the video LCD panel sits inside the center of the keyboard.

Multi-functional Attributes:

There are also several attributes of multi-functional keyboards as it allows you to control two or more computers with the punch of a button. When you have Keyboards with a video system it will allow you to watch your favorite video while you type. Now a day we have smartcard keyboards, it can allow you to do all the banking and shopping stuffs with a punch of key.

You have also several advantages of these types of keyboards like you can do several functions at single time one punch of key. Between all these things do not forget to check the compatibility of the keyboard with the computer, also keep the keyboard clean as much as possible. Keyboards are open to all dust and debris so it is very important to clean them up at regular intervals.