Any longtime user of Microsoft Windows knows that corruption in a single registry entry can corrupt your entire Windows installation and if you don’t have skills to edit the Windows registry manually then having an application is quite better to simplify your registry editing that can make your computing so much easier. No doubt that there are plenty of registry cleaner programs available in the market but we are here to discuss about some open source registry cleaners as they are platform independent an can be run on any OS as well. One of such open source tool is Little Registry Cleaner.

Little Registry Cleaner which is also known as LRC is one of the easiest and nicest of all registry cleaners (whether they are open source or not). This tool puts you just two clicks away from registry fixing but LRC does not only limit you to scan and fix your registry. LRC offers following asset of features:

It detects and removes the unnecessary or inaccurate registry entries from your windows registry. It offers you an easy way to control the Startup Manager that controls the booting of applications at the start up of your computer. You can also regedit any registry entry from menu entry. It also includes the Ignore List. It gives you option for restoring the registry entry.

It also allows you to uninstall the applications by using a Application Manager that is provided with a simple user interface. You can make out from this feature list that the name of application is appropriate or not. Fortunately, for users, all features work and work well.

From the main window of this application you can run a scan of registry by just clicking on Scan Registry. The scan will do its job quickly and will report you all errors related to registry. To repair such errors, you just have to click on the Fix Problems button.

The final and very attractive feature of LRC is Registry Restore. Each time you perform scan and fix with LRC it saves a copy of registry so that you will always have a copy of working registry. To restore another registry you have to select registry that you know and want to restore back. After that you have to click on the Restore button to restore your previous registry to the system. When you click on the restore button you will be asked that if you are sure or not because you always have to be very careful when you are making a change to your registry entries as an unfair change in registry can make your computing machine unusable.

If you are looking forward to have a simple way for all your registry related problems in PC then Little Registry Cleaner is the best way to go.