A clean and sanitize keyboard is very important part of the system. Now a days people are multitasking that creates crumbs in the computer keyboard. More work on keyboard also creates more dust and debris that will mix with other debris and make a dirty keyboard. It is very important to clean up the keyboard. You can clean up computer mechanically using clothes, duster, cleaning fluid and screw drivers.  You can clean the keyboard by various means and one of those is to vacuuming the keyboard, it will make your multitasking life fast paced, nice and tidy. It is always not possible to replace the keyboard when it gets dirty so we will give you some easy instructions to clean the computer keyboard.

Instructions to clean and sanitize the computer keyboard:


The first step is to shut down the computer and disconnect the keyboard. Now just shake or tap the keyboard against a soft thing to clean any big crumbles present in the keyboard or you can simply dust the keyboard from a soft cloth.


Now take a small bowl of warm water and mix with antiseptic mouthwash. The mouthwash will work as antibacterial stuff. A computer keyboard is just similar to a phone; you can not see the germs and bacteria. So it is very important to sanitize the keyboard to prevent diseases like H1N1 flue. These simple hygienic steps can stop all these viruses.


Now take an artist brush and pour it into the mixture, make sure the brush is not too wet. Brush should be damp not wet to prevent any harm to the keyboard. You have to squeeze the brush every time after you pour the brush into the mixture. Now carefully wipe the keyboard with the brush, it will clean all the dust or greasiness and oil from the keyboard.

Step 4:

After applying the fluid on the keyboard try to wipe the keyboard from a dry cotton cloth. It is very necessary to perform this step otherwise it will hamper the keyboard.

You can also vacuum the keyboard by using a USB vacuum. It will reach all the palaces of the computer keyboard. There are lots of battery powered vacuum available in the market; you can choose a good one from them. We recommend you to bought one USB vacuum which plug directly into the computer, it can derive power from computer. We also recommend you to choose one which has soft bristles otherwise it will harm the keys, so be careful while buying the vacuum. Vacuum should also be static-free and adequate power suction.

If you are not vacuuming the keyboard and using mechanical way to clean the keyboard then you should have to be careful. Sometimes people use screw drivers to replace the keys and clean the keyboard. If you are using screw drivers to remove all the keys from the keyboard; then you have to write the combinations of the keys on a paper. It is very important to remember all the combinations otherwise it will get difficult to arrange them back in the order. While arranging the keys in order press firmly to press and adjust the keys on the keyboard.