As we use computer we tend to create and delete files on it. Not only we but the computer itself keeps on deleting and creating files on the hard drive. These files are created as temporary files and become unused after the task is over by the processor. Though many times the computer itself erases these files but at times they stay resident on it. Have you ever noticed when we install an application it always extracts some files before continuing with the actual installation and after installation it also shows the status that it is removing the temp files. At times these temp files do not get deleted and thus occupy space on the hard drive. Apart from these reasons there are many other reasons because of which the files which are considered to be useless get saved on the hard drive. These reasons would be the not-permanently deleted files which exist in the Recycle Bin, the old compressed installation zip files, the temporary internet files, the temporary files, the old restore point files, windows paging files, hibernation files, swap files, super fetch files and the list goes on.

Microsoft has always been bundling its cleanup tool with almost every version of windows operating system, and this tool can be used for clearing this junk. Removal of these files is very important because at times the infections are also there in the temp files. Another reason for clearing these files is for freeing up the disk space which in turn can be used for our important data or by Windows itself for its use while operation.

The tool provided by Microsoft is called the Disk Cleanup Tool and can be found in the System tools folder in the start menu. Click on Start menu then open All Programs. In All Programs open the Accessories folder and then the System tools. In system tools along with other tools and utilities you will find the Disk Cleanup tool. In other Windows versions like Vista or windows 7 you can just open the Start menu and type Disk Cleanup and the tool will get listed in the Start Menu. On launching this Tool it asks you to select the drive which requires cleaning. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 it will also ask if you wish you clear unwanted data only from your user profile or from others as well. After making proper selection the tool scans the portion of hard drive and then lists the count of junk files found along with the space being occupied by these files. These junk files are properly categorized like temporary file, installation files, Offline files etc and has check boxes against each category. You can select what kind of files you wish to clear and click on OK. Once you click on OK the process runs in the background and terminates once done.

There are many disk cleaning tools available on the internet but one should run these tools on there own risk as these tools mostly consider your seldom used files as junk files and might delete your important data. It’s always good to use Microsoft made tool on Microsoft Operating systems.