Android applications are created using Java Programming Language, which is bundled by aapt tool which made up of data and resource files required by the application. The whole file stored by an “.apk” suffix. Using this file, Android applications can be distributed on the mobile devices, which can be downloaded by the users. Each Android Application runs in its own Linux process. When Applications’ code needs to be distributed the process will start and it shuts down when it is not in use and system resources are required by other applications. Each Application has unique Linux UserId, to which permissions are set. Because of that files are visible to that user only in particular application. If you wish you can export to other applications also. It is also possible that two different applications can same the share same user id, in that case they are be able to see each other’s files. Android Applications has its own Virtual Machine (VM), so that application code runs in isolation from the other applications code.

You can download or purchase lots Android Applications from the internet and can install on your mobile. Generally these applications will not be terminated automatically. If you press “Back” button some of the applications will quit by themselves, but browser applications can’t be closed in this way. It just pauses when you hit the “Back” Button. When any application is paused in the background Android uses minimum resources, so it saves memory. But if such background applications increase, then it needs more memory/CPU. In this case either it should be manually closed or closed by themselves.

Here are discussed some steps for closing an Android Application.

There are many different ways to close Android applications on your mobile. Here we discuss how to close it using “Advance Task Manager”.

Step 1: On your mobile open the market place usually you can find it on desktop.

Step 2: After it is loaded locate the “Search” button on its top right. Click the “Search” button, find for the

“Advance Task Manager”.

Step 3: Install the second option available in the search list, which is freely available. If you wish you can purchase this version also.

Step 4: After installing it run the application using “Advance Task Manager”. Here you can see all the applications, so if you want to close any application just select that application and click – ”End Apps”.

Step 5: If you want to close all the applications then click “End All” and it will close all applications including the selected one.

There is one tool named “TaskKiller” using which also you can close or end your Android applications. There are many unwanted programs that run in the background and slow down your android. In this case you can kill any application or program by using this tool by just one click. It has “kill-all” widget to close all your applications by just single click. With ignore list you can keep your wanted applications open.

You need to keep certain things in mind that while closing or ending Android applications never kill any system processes otherwise you have to restart the device and it will become slow.