McAfee, Norton or AVG Anti virus are the best means to keep your computers protected against all odds. Thus, you can give a new definition to your computer’s security with these softwares in hand. These softwares are considered the best on certain criteria like their price, performance and compatibility with the operating system in use. Moreover, a criterion which also remains in lime light is the ability of it to consume less memory of your computer and try to give the best performance.

At times it happens that these antivirus software consume a robust amount of memory and remain connected to the Internet continuously. This actually slows down your computer’s performance and you will end up feeling greatly disappointed.

Can you minimize this effect and get your computer relaxed because of this? Yes, you can do so, by simply comparing the anti virus resource usage with the help of the Task Manager. All you have to do is to follow certain steps to give your computer relaxing time.

Step one

You be required to open the Anti virus program currently installed on your PC. This you can do by simply double-clicking on the icon present on the desktop of your computer and thereby, you prepare yourself to monitor the usage of you computer’s resource being used by Anti virus currently running. But, most of the time anti virus programs will automatically open at the time of your Windows booting and you can find the icon blinking in the task bar.

Step two

Once you are done with above step, right – click on the task bar and drop down menu will appear. On the drop down menu you will see an option “Start Task Manager”, which you will then have to choose. Click on the “Start Task Manager” to open it and then follow as mentioned.

Step three

Once you click on the above mentioned tab, a dialogue box will appear. On the window prompted you will see certain tabs, you will be required to choose the “Processes” tab, by clicking on it. Then a list of entries will be displayed and you will then be required to choose from the Task manager your anti-virus program entry. Once you find the entry of your anti-virus and then look for “Memory” tab. This tab will display the amount of memory being consumed by your program. It will rather display the information in KB (Kilo bytes) and thus tell you how much memory your program is currently consuming.

Step four

Once you find the detail regarding one anti-virus program, you will be then required to compare between two or more anti-virus in order to jump to a conclusion. Leave the option of previous anti-virus amongst the entries and but keep you task manager running. Open second anti-virus program and follow step three to find out how much memory is the latter consuming during its run.

Nevertheless, you can easily guard your computer with anti-virus program, but a slow running computer due to your anti-virus program. This can also be given a new definition with the help of above mentioned steps.