A driver needs to be installed initially for the working process of the printer to take place. If you right click on the printer drive to delete it , you will notice that it does not get deleted. It actually does not remove the printer driver from the computer. At times when working with multiple testing drivers and servers of print then a time will arise which will allow removing the driver completely to install a better and a new one. Both the Windows Vista and Windows 7 is attributed with a tool called the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). This is an in-built software which is used specially to remove the drivers.

You will have to follow the steps in detail to get the required result. The initial step is to first leave the computer for rebooting. You will have to reboot the machine and then login as the “administrator.”

Secondly, go to the start menu and there start typing the key words MMC, there you will find that the Microsoft Management Console shortcut appear. It actually appears in the start menu; click on it.

Thirdly, after following the second step, there is a file menu goes up there and there you will have to select Add/Remove Snap in. After doing it you will need to scroll down in the provided list and there you will have to select the “Print Management”. Just you will have to Snap-in and then hit on the “Add” button. Here in this screen, just select on the “Add the Local Server” here just hit on the finish button and then hit the Ok button. Following the above step, thoroughly you will then have to your computer name, here you will have to select on the provided driver tree and in this particular space you can right click on the driver which you want to remove, then select on the “Remove Driver Package”. As soon as you do this particular function, thereby you will get the driver removed and you can install the driver, which you want.

Final rebooting of the machine is required for adding new or different print drivers.  A little depth in navigational action is required to remove the drivers in windows vista. This is bit different from the other operating systems but the con figuration anyhow matched more or less with windows 7. In the both, the cases the drivers cannot be removed by just moving on to the normal add or remove option in the control panel. The drivers cannot be deleted just by visiting the control panel. The above-mentioned steps are the only way achieves success. The printer must be deleted by going on to the management settings in the computer system. Therefore, it is recommended that one should know the facts and functioning of both the operating systems.