Microsoft’s work has always been of great aid to its users’. Windows became a base for the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and allowed user to communicate with the computer in very interactive manner. Microsoft has enabled every section of the world with its applications. If you pick up the things at random from the Microsoft’s store, you find that every bit and part of it holds some kind of help to its users and thus makes your work much easier and simpler. However, Microsoft most inevitable blessing is the Microsoft Office application which was launched in the year 1988 for the Work group Operating System and then its version was 3.0 and today the version level has climbed up to Office 2010. Microsoft Office has lots of options for its users’ from every sector like school students, home users’ and official bodies.

Microsoft Office consists of bunch of sub categories like MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Access, OneNote and Outlook. However if you talk about the usage level, MS Word and MS Excel holds hegemony over the other bits and  parts. MS Word helps one to jot down all the information in the form of a document and apply different set of Style and formatting to it from the oodles of option available on the applications window.

MS Excel holds a very different tale. The MS Excel is spreadsheet based application bit of MS Office. The number of rows n columns surpasses gigantic 65, 000 figure on one Book sheet of the latter. The spreadsheet can be used to create tables which contain rows and columns. The size of rows and columns can be changed by simply clicking on the format tab which you can find on the toolbar of MS Excel. Now, MS Excel allows loads of functions to be executed on the table. You can sum the numerical data in the rows n columns. You can format them. You can also CONCATENATE two cells in the MS Excel sheet.

You may reckon what is Concatenate? Concatenate means merging two independent words in to one string of words. MS Excel allows you to perform this function.


How to concatenate two cells in MS Excel?

Step one

Click on the MS Excel tab which you can find under the MS Office main tab or if you have the icon of MS Excel on your desktop you can open the latter by simply double-clicking on the same.

Step two

For Concatenation, you will be required to choose two cells. Suppose you choose first cell with address “A2” and in the same type any word for example: “Apple.”

Step three

Choose another cell with address as “B2” and type the word: “Doctor” in the same.

Step four

In the cell with address “C2”, type the formula as “CONCATENATE (A2, B2). This formula will take the data from the cell B2 and add it to cell A2 at its end. Once you have the formula typed press the “Enter” key. The moment you press “Enter” key, you will see the result in the C2 as “AppleDoctor.”