The Windows system includes a Time Service Tool, W32Time, which is usually required by Kerberos authentication protocol. This system ensures that all computers using Microsoft Windows 2000 and its newer versions show the same time universally. However, despite the presence of this system, it is essential that reduce the time correction settings, especially for your stand-alone clients and servers. This will only help you maintain a better security and also accuracy for your domain.

Configure the Windows Time Service for using the internal hardware clock in your system

Simply enter the “Fix it For Me” option. However, if you wish to fix the time system by yourself, then select the “Let me fix it myself” option. Let’s take a closer look at these options below.

Fix IT For ME

In order to get the problem fixed up automatically, click ahead on Fix IT or the given link. Now click on Run located in the box named File Download. Once this is done, follow the given steps in this Fix it wizard.

Let Me Fix It Myself

If you wish to configure the internal time server so as to synchronize it with the external time source, then here are the steps that you should follow.

  1. Modify your server type to NTP with the following steps.
  • Click onto Start button and then on Run. Hereby, type regedit and finally on OK.
  • Now locate and click onto the given registry subkey:
  • Right-click on Type, located in the right pane, and then Click on Modify.
  • Now types NTP into the Value data box located in the Edit Value section. Click OK.
  1. Now set the AnnounceFlags to 5 with the steps given below.

Find and click the given registry subkey:

  • Right-click on AnnounceFlags, in the right pane, and click on Modify.
  • In the Edit DWORD Value, simply type 5 within the given Value Data box. Now click OK.
  1. Enable the NTPServer with the following steps:

Similar to the previous steps, search and then click the given registry subkey:

  • Right-click on Enabled located in the right pane and then click on Modify.
  • Type 1 in the Value data box, located in the Edit DWORD Value section. Now click OK.
  1. Detail the time sources using the given steps:

Again locate and then click the particular registry subkey:

  • · Hereby, right-click on NtpServer in the given right pane. Now click on Modify.
  • Now type Peers in the given Value Data box within the Edit Value. Click on OK.
  1. Now select poll interval with the help of the given steps:

Find and click onto the given registry subkey:

  • · Simply right-click onto SpecialPollInterval in the right pane. Click on Modify.
  • Within the Edit DWORD Value, type TimeInSeconds into the Value Data box. Click on OK.
  1. Here, configure the needed time correction settings. Follow the given steps for enabling this.

Search and click onto the given registry subkey:


  • · In the given right pane, simply right-click onto MaxPosPhaseCorrection. Now click onto Modify.
  • Now, in the Edit DWORD Value, select Decimal in the given Base box.
  • · Type TimeInSeconds within the Value data box in the Edit DWORD Value. Now click onto OK.
  • Again search and click on the below mentioned registry subkey:


  • · This time right-click on MaxNegPhaseCorrection in the right pane and then click on Modify.
  • · Within the Edit DWORD Value, select Decimal within the Base box.
  • In the Edit DWORD Value, enter TimeInSeconds into the Value data box. Now click on OK.
  1. Finally, Quit the Registry Editor.
  2. Type the given command in the command prompt in order to restart your Windows Time service and press ENTER.

net stop w32time && net start w32time