Being as versatile as it is, the iPhone is by far the most portable of devices and can be used anywhere anytime. For that reason, having your iPhone configured to Microsoft Exchange account can be an exciting thing to do. My job here is to take through the steps on how you can pull this off. If that be the case as it is, I am going to explain to you how you can configure a Microsoft Exchange e-mail account on your iPhone in a process that even you will find relatively easy. Whereas the iPhone 2.0 took all of us by surprise and excitement in terms of the features it had, the sad but true thing is, it never could support Microsoft Exchange. The negative aspect of that was the fact that Microsoft Exchange is one of the foremost and most preferred email systems globally. But as it is, times change and so does technology and with the upgrades of the 2.0 that soon followed suite, the iPhone has been turned into a gadget of amazing capabilities. It does not matter that you are a corporate or any other user, the iPhone comes in handy and very useful.

That is why at this time and age, having an Exchange account configured on your iPhone is such a great addition. Plus the whole procedure for setting up is pretty solid and simple. Just follow the below steps and you will be set up before you know it.

Outlined Instructions

From your iPhone’s idle home screen, simply maneuver to the settings folder and then on the settings, select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars and once you have the three, select Add Account and then Microsoft Exchange. Once you have done that, enter the exchange account info, at this point I should probably tell you is that User is simply your Exchange User name. Simply enter it. The options should be lined as follows; Email, Username, Password, Description; but the description is optional. You can choose to leave it blank. After you done the above, click on Next and your iPhone will try automatically connecting with the Exchange server.

Finish the Procedure Now

However, sometimes, the automatic sync might fail and you might see an error like Exchange Account Verification Failed. Once you have finished the above, you will see a field between Email and Username named Server, just enter the name of the company exchange server you use and your iPhone will authenticate the new account and if there is no error, your account has been created successfully.

From here simply click ad select the services you wish to sync and select save, you will have successfully created your new account.

If you did follow the above procedure, I hope you were able to create and sync your iPhone with the Exchange server. Make use of your iPhone and enjoy being on the exchange server. It should be easy and fast setting the configurations above to help you connect to the exchange server with your iPhone.