Exchange 2003 is a brand new version of an internet mail wizard that aptly guides you to configure the connectivity if the internet mail brilliantly with the exchange server 2000 and 2003. This particular wizard can be used to receive and send emails quickly and competently, while using this internet mail wizard you can also avoid configuring the SMTP connecter and the SMTP virtual server by manual skill. The software giant Microsoft has specially made this particular wizard for organizations leveled on small and medium level, thus they are quite simple and do not carry complex instructions with them.

To initiate the process, you have to begin the ESM, i.e. Exchange System Manager, then you have to right click on the organization object and choose the Internet Mail Wizard, these in particular will be very assisting and helpful steps. Then you should take your mouse pointer and as the next step to select the Server which will be in Exchange organization for internet mail delivery. Then the wizard will check if that server is a server with many network interfaces, if this is the case then the wizard would display a message with further instructions of what to do. On the next page you can choose any way for your mail flow, you can also select an option to send and receive emails or both, and you can even select the domain for incoming mails. This particular page will display all domains which are based on the configured email domains in default recipient policy, and you can also configure mails in the recipient policies. Further, select the virtual Server as the server for outgoing mails. Then, you click on the ORC, i.e. Open Relay Configuration. In it the default selection is disable open relay, and then disables the open relay because it can spam your email server and create more of such problems. And so on, you can choose any way on how to send and receive your emails to the internet, one of the most used ways in by DNS. You can send mails through DNS, but you have to configure your DNS server to send emails to the internet. However one more way lies, you can give the name or the IP address of the host, or the smart host. You can also choose if you wish to configure the server and then send the mail to all or particular domains. Now you have completely configured the internet mail wizard.

This particular new IMW, i.e. Internet Mail Wizard is an innovative and cutting edge technology which creates a very helpful and interactive working environment for many medium and small scale organizations which have daily use on the computers. It also provides an easy and a luminous and an easy way to configure the exchange organizations for internet emails access and provides a very rapid path for connecting to various resources and increases the organizations accountably tenfold.