If you have always wanted to get your iPhone to work with the Microsoft Exchange Server, you are close to having that wish come true. I did like the combination of the two and tried it out, as such, I will share with you just how to go about configuring your iPhone so you can use it with Microsoft Exchange Server. Actually, after the whole process is done, you will notice that it is a very simple procedure. The whole thing should take you like minutes and you should be up and running in no time.

What to do?

To configure your iPhone and Microsoft Exchange Server, simply maneuver to the Settings folder of your iPhone and pick Mail. Now, on the Mail tab, select Add Account and then Other and finish it off with Exchange. The three procedures are conjoined, one after the other. Under the Name option, enter your name or and under the Address option, just enter the corporate email address that you use. Once you have done this, go to the Description option and here enter the name of the account you are creating, could be any name, the choice is yours. Now move on to the Host Name option and simply enter owa.yourdomain.com and progress to the User Name tab from where you will enter the Outlook Exchanger username that you are currently using. If that is finished, under the Password option, again enter the password you are using for your Outlook/Exchange account. Up to this point, you will then progress to the Outgoing Mail Server and above it, simply click on the Save tab to effect the changes you have just made.

New Account Created

Up to this point, you have now successfully created a new account and simply maneuver to this account’s Settings. From the newly created Account’s settings, select Advanced option and under it, change Remove to After one day or any other that you may like but do not leave it unchanged. Leaving it unchanged means all the messages from the server will be stored as read messages and it can get to you sometimes, like really on your nerves! Once you have done that, under the SSL option, ensure you leave it “On” and at that the same time, under the Authentication tab, simply enter Password.

Hurray you are on!

Once you have donethe above, you have successfully configured your iPhone and Microsoft Exchange Server and the two should be in line. Like you have seen, this is one of those simply simple procedures you can do in record time. Your iPhone is now connected to the Microsoft Exchange Server and you can now run it like any other PC on the server.

Whatever you do, do not let such a simple procedure stand between you and any Microsoft Exchange servers you want to use, be it in the office or anywhere else, all it takes is the above simple steps and you are in. Short, simple and very helpful!