In this how-to piece, we will share with you the procedure for configuring mail forwarding in Exchange server. If you are user of Exchange servers, you probably are privy of the host of email solutions it offers to the local network you are using. If you want to benefit immensely from the Exchange server, try incorporating it into any windows network and the results will do nothing but amaze you. It is obvious that the exchange servers are crucial in handling both incoming and outgoing mail, but what if you increased your options?

Benefits of Mail Forwarding

As an administrator of an Exchange Server network, you can choose to have email address forwarded to other users on the network. Exchange Sever offers this option and all you have to do is activate it by configuring its settings. What you will realize is that having mail forwarding configured in your Exchange Server comes in handy when there is an incoming public mail address from a private user.  Forwarding it becomes relatively easy.


To configure mail forwarding in Exchange server, simply click on the Star tab of your PC and go to All Programs from where you should be able to access the Administrative Tools folder. In the Administrative Tools folder, select Active Directory Users and Computers and immediately you will be presented with a panel that has a list of the PC’s and users settings on the network. Just select the Server’s name and you will be presented with an enlarged list of available choices from which you will select the Users tab. A list of Users will be displayed immediately and then simply right click on the particular user’s account for which you want forwarded to another email address and then pick Properties from and from the presented options, select Exchange General button.

Progress On!

Now, simply click on the Delivery Options tab under the Exchange Server icon and you will be presented with a panel that has a tab named Forward to. On the Forward to tab, click on the Modify tab and choose user that you want to get the email you are forwarding from the given list of email accounts at your disposal. Finish the procedure by clicking on the OK tab and the user you are targeting will be shown in the Forward to tab.

All you have to do now is click on the OK tab and your changes that you have made will be effected. The emails you sent to the mailbox have already been forwarded and you can do it as many times as you want henceforth.

It should be easy configuring mail forwarding in Exchange server because it takes no sweat at all. It is one of those small features that can mean time saving or lots of time wasting when it comes to dealing with mails in a company and particularly mail forwarding. Configure your mail forwarding in Exchange server today and enjoy the use ease that results.