How can you configure Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Microsoft exchange servers can accept email traffic from domains that are identical to the active directory domain. To receive emails from other domains, the Microsoft Exchange Server 203 needs to be configured.  Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is not a difficult task. A little knowledge can make the job a lot easier. Here is how you can do it.

Add the Internet Domain Name to Recipient Policies

The SMTP server rejects the mails from servers other than those entered in the recipient policies. Hence it is necessary to add the domain names to recipient policies in order to receive mails from other domains.

Open the Exchange System Manager. Open the ‘Recipients’ folder. Then click on ‘Recipient Policies’. Here you’ll find one ‘default policy’. Right click on the ‘default policy’ and select properties. Select the ‘Email addresses’ tab. Here you’ll find the names of domains which are supported by your system. Click on the new button and select ‘SMTP address’ from the list shown and click ‘OK’. Enter the name of the domain you want to add preceded by ‘@’ symbol and click ‘OK’ button. Now the new domain name will be shown in the recipient policies. Enable it by selecting the check box beside it. On clicking ‘OK’ you will be asked if you want to update all recipient email addresses. Select ‘Yes’.

Configure SMTP Server for Incoming Mails

Click on the “Server’ folder of Exchange System Manager. Select protocols -> SMTP. Right click on ‘Virtual default server for SMTP’ and select properties. In the properties window select the ‘Access’ tab. Click on ‘Authentication’ button and select ‘Anonymous access’. Then click on connections and select either to allow or deny access to the list of IP addresses. Add the list by clicking the add button. Choose the ‘Messages’ tab. Here you can restrict the number of messages, size of messages and the number of recipients per message. Make appropriate selection to suit your requirements. Click on the ‘Delivery’ tab. Here you can set time intervals for retry, delay, expiry etc. Once the necessary changes are made, click ‘OK’.

Configure SMTP Server for Outgoing Mails

SMTP server must be added for handling outgoing mails to the internet. Right click on the ‘connectors’ folder and select New-> STMP Connector. Add a name to create a new SMTP connector. Right click on the new SMTP connector and select properties. Click on the ‘General’ tab. Here you need to choose whether you want all the outgoing mails directly to recipients i.e. through DNS or if you want all the mails to be sent through SMTP server. If you choose the second option, add a local server. Click on the address space and add wildcard “*” to let emails to any domain. Entering a value for cost is essential when you want to send mails to certain domains through a different route. In such cases you’ll be required to create a number of SMTP connectors. The cost entry of the connector to the special domain route must be set to a lower value. If you want to authenticate the SMTP server, you can set Username and password by clicking on the ‘Advanced’ tab.

Configure Users Email Addresses

Open ‘active directory users and computers’ directory. Right click on users and select New->User. Add the details and click next. Select the server and mailbox store and click finish. This will create user to log on to the exchange server and also the mailbox. To add the required email address, right click on the user and select properties. On the properties window, select the email addresses tab. Click on the address to be selected as primary address and click ‘Select As Primary’ tab. You can even add additional emails if necessary.

Configuring POPcon to receive emails from POP3 or IMAP

From the start menu select Programs->POPcon. Select the server and click on ‘Configure Selected Server’. Enter the email address of administrator in the ‘Postmaster’ field. Click on POP3/IMAP tab. Click ‘Add’ to add POP3 hosts. Add accepted recipient domains in the field below. Fill the POP3 server settings for all the POP3 hosts created. Then click on the ‘Exchange’ tab and configure the SMTP server name to which the mails need to be directed. Click ‘OK’ when done.

Once all the steps are completed, test if the new configuration is working fine. This can be done by opening the POPcon administrator main screen and clicking on ‘Trigger Mail Retrieval’ and start for the mail download. Check for error messages if any.