With the introduction of Computers and Networking, way of functioning of different platforms has undergone drastic change. From an School to University and from an small shop to big business firms, all are turning tech savvy today. The reason behind these swift changes is a minute work done in seconds and seconds work in micros with a computer and Networking in hand. For business firms, Network security is major point of concern. In order to protect their own records along with the record of their customers, network solutions are always kept an eye on. Solutions are considered important to prevent theft of softwares and hardwares and viruses which are vulnerable of disabling everyday operations. Network solutions must thought of at an earlier stage to prevent from huge damage that may come in to play after loss of data or virus eating up your machine.


An alarm system or security systems for computers can be very helpful, which can deprive theft and unauthorized access like hacking etc. Since Laptops mostly remain mobile because they move along with your employee. An employer must train employees to keep their Laptops secure and keep a record of their newly hired employee to avoid ambiguity. A policy must be maintained in order to abridge any kind of harm that an employee can do after he or she is fired or resigns. The main server room must be enabled with a code to keep a track of who accessed the room and when it was done. The usage of pen drives must be completely stopped in order to prevent stealing because with pen drive in hand stealing becomes easier.

One must secure the Network with the help of an Anti virus program. These Anti virus programs will serve an aid from hacking, spamming, viruses or hacking. The Network Password must be set stronger and healthier by avoiding repetition of common words, names or numbers. Moreover to avoid vulnerability of attacks make sure to change “Network Passwords” regularly and set an expiry for it. Firewalls must be applied with the help of a good Anti-virus program like McAfee, Kaspersky and Norton etc. Firewall can be helpful solutions to viruses and alien attacks on your machine from outside or an outsider. Moreover these Anti-virus softwares have spam filter that is a best way to minimize phishing and viruses through emails. The proxy server port must not be left open for an access by the outsider, so that hijackers and spammers get in to the server of your network.

Keep your Anti-virus softwares updated regularly. Bare in mind to maintain a back up of the stored data and never store the data on individual’s computer, but keep data stored on the server rather. Regularly perform test to keep the track of the strength of your network security and do not leave any source of ambiguity running.

Network is the best solution for business firms today, but Network Solutions must be followed strictly to enjoy its fruits for a long term.