The Internet has not only brought the world on our finger tips, but also has given certain outstanding gifts. The gifts of Internet are innumerable. One can book on line train tickets without finding themselves queued up. One can buy things online without going to a market or mall. One can find solution to every question on Internet. From a simple sum to ancient history everything is found flocked on the Internet. The world of internet has turned all the Radio stations local. One can listen to American radio station sitting in any part of the world.

You can cross the miles distance of radio station with the help of sound internet and proper computer.

Before you delve in to bringing an international radio station, keep in mind to gather some important entities required. You need sound performing computer. For a flawless internet connection, you need an internet modem with an ISP (Internet Service Provider). You need working computer speakers. In terms of software you need Windows Media Player, Liquid Audio and Real player.

Instructions that will help to establish an international or local Radio station on your computer with the help of the above entities.


Step one

Ensure that the computer you are using uploaded with the sound devices. It must a sound card to allow its sound capabilities. The internet modem which can support high speed internet. Keep in mind that your computer has at least 32 MB RAM and better speakers.

Step two

Download and install the Real Player application for free from the website like or Real player’s official website. You must headlong with the step only if you do not have the same installed on your system.

Step three

Once you download the application of Real Player, double-click on the setup file to start its installation. Follow the instructions as followed to complete the installation process.

Step four

You can also download certain other soft wares like Windows Media player, itunes application or LiquidAudio, if you long to listen to those radio stations that aren’t supported by the Real Player. But, before installing the above soft wares keep in mind that your computer meets the requirements of the soft wares.

Step five

Once you have the above soft wares installed on your system, connect to Internet. You connect to internet in order to visit the radio broadcasting web site and once you click on the radio tab of the software you will be re-directed to the radio broad casting web site.

Step six

Once you click on link of radio station to be broadcasted, you will be automatically launched to Real Audio software or any other such software.

Step seven

Once you click on the desired link the radio station begins to broadcast and you listen to your desired radio station by a mere mouse click. You can also adjust the volume of the Real Player using the volume seeker on the Real Player window. You can also control the volume using your system’s volume control in order to adjust the volume of the speakers.