At first we have to know about the Windows firewall, basically it is known as Internet Connection Firewall or ICF. It is used to protect the boundary, between the monitors and restricts information which travels between your computer and a network or the internet and it provides a line of defense against someone who might try to access your computer from outside Windows Firewall without permission. The firewall either bock the information or lets the information pass through to the computer, and it is depends on the firewall settings. There are different kinds of firewalls settings like, Windows XP, windows XP service pack.

Turn on the firewall

This is for the Windows XP service pack 2 versions, not for the earlier version of Windows XP. If you want to turn on firewall automatically then, at first click on the Fix this problem link. Then click on the run button in the file download dialog box, and now follow the steps in this wizard. If you are not on the computer then you can save it to a flash drive or to a CD, after that you can run it on your computer.

If you want then you can fix it in yourself

At first click on the start button, and then click run and type Firewall.cpl after that click on the OK button. Now on the general tab, click ON and Click OK. If you found the general tab or Ok option is unavailable, that means the system have a policy against the firewall. Now you have to contact with the system administrator to collect more information about how to enable the firewall and the system already running with the third party firewall.

Turn off the Firewall

These are specific for the Windows XP SP2 and Windows SP3; these are not for the earlier version.

1. If you turn off the firewall then you leave your computer vulnerable to attack. If you want to turn off your computer at first disconnect your computer from all networks.

2. Now click on the start button, then click run and now type Firewall.cpl and then click on the OK button. Now on the general tab, you have to click on off button and finally click on the OK button.
3. At first you should determine the service pack which one you are currently running and then you start a download of the updated service pack on this way, Click on the start button and then run and type sysdm.cpl and finally click on the OK button.
This article indicates the information that shows you the procedure to help lower security settings or to turn off security features on a computer. If you want, then you can make these changes to work around a specific problem and if you want to change this, then at first evaluate the risk which are associated with implementing this workaround in your particular environment.