The windows media center is a cool feature available for windows 7 users. Basically, the windows media centre works as a local VCR system, and it will help you to get the maximum media entertainment from your own personal computer. However, the coolest thing is that the windows 7 media centre can be customized to enable Netflix content to be shown in. As you know, Netflix is a place where you can watch online streaming movies with high quality and high speed bandwidth capabilities.

Windows Media Center For Netflix

Anyway, if you are having an unlimited Netflix account then it is much easy to configure windows media centre to show Netflix content inside the media centre. This means that you don’t need to log onto the internet and go to Netflix streaming website manually to browse and watch your favorite movies online. With this cool feature available in windows 7, all those streaming movies are just one click away from your home. Therefore you will never miss any of the latest streaming movies available with Netflix. Also, these streaming movies can be watched in full screen view and you can have full control on what you are streaming through the windows media centre feature available with Microsoft windows 7 Operating System.

Step 01

By default, your windows 7 media centre comes with a box dedicated for Netflix. But, in any case if you can’t see it, then you need to enable it manually. Go to tasks -> Settings -> Genera -> Automatic Download options

Step 02

Once you click on the Netflix box, it will prompt you to download the required software. Please note that this will happens only once.

Step 03

You have to let the installation continue as usual windows component update and restart the PC if it is prompted by the installation.

Step 04

Once the installation is completed, you will get a dialog box where you can enter your username and password to log in to Netflix. Or if you don’t have a Netflix account, then you can continue as a free trial and try the product before spend money on it.

Step 05

After completing the above mentioned four steps, you will be able to see the Netflix listings directly inside your windows 7 media centre interface.

So, now you are complete setting up your windows 7 media centre to view Netflix movies directly on your media centre interface. It will make you very much convenient to get the best streaming movie entertainment directly from your PC. Furthermore, you can easily navigate to front and backwards of the movie listings, and you can select whatever your favorite movie without changing your windows media centre channel. Basically, it is a very good opportunity for the people who love entertainment as they don’t have to use various web browsers plug-in to watch fast streaming movies as the feature is built in with windows 7 media centre interface.

With these methods, Microsoft corporation hope windows 7 will make a great revolution in personal computer operating systems.