If you are on Windows Vista and connected to the network and / or if you are downloading new software or simply connecting to the Internet, it is not new that Windows Vista’s build in Firewall interrupts and does not allow you to function normally while working. Windows Vista had very advanced security features and is designed to help you protect the computer to be safe form dangerous spyware and third party access especially when you are online. If you are facing difficulties with some programs try to switch off the firewall and you can easily turn it back on when you up and running with the program.

Turning the firewall off – Option 1

If your are facing intermitted connectivity to the internet or it is prolonged interruption, then first step you can take is to try switching off Windows Vista’s firewall. There are several ways to turn of the Windows Vista Firewall; here I will list the easiest and the common way.

  • Click on the Start button either on the desktop and / or the keyboard key with the windows flag.
  • On the pop up menu select Network. This will open a new window for Network and Sharing Center. Another way to open this window is by double clicking on the two flashing computer monitors on the end of the taskbar, which shows the Internet connectivity.
  • Here in the new window you can see the option, which says “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off”. Click on the Turn Windows Firewall Off option.
  • Once you click Apply you will, get a warning pop-up message, click OK on that you will have successful turned off the firewall.

Turning the firewall off – Option 2

If you cannot find the Network option once you have clicked on the Start key or cannot seem to locate the two flashing monitors on the taskbar, do not fret. You can access the firewall settings in Windows Vista from the Control Panel. From the Control Panel, select Security and then choose Windows Firewall. There you can directly access the turn off feature in firewall. You can choose to turn off the firewall by first clicking apply and then OK to the warning message. At all times ensure you are in the administrative mode, and you will be asked to key in the password, if you have a system admin password set for the computer. If you are in a network you need to get the network administrator to turn off the firewall in Windows Vista for you.

Turning the firewall back ON.

Turning the firewall back on is easy and is recommended, because the firewall feature although at times stops you from browsing, it is intended to save your computer and your files from any thirty part interference, when you are online. You can turn the Firewall in the same way you turned it off by accessing the Control Panel and Security and clicking the option to Turn Windows Firewall On.

It is the matter of letting the Windows Vista firewall adjusts with how you work on the computer.