Windows PC and Mac PC have a long history of incompatibility. It is almost impossible to connect and share a Mac and Windows PC.  But the latest version of Apple’s Mac provides you options to connect and share files with your Windows PC on a Local network.  Connect your PC and Mac on LAN and you can share files and folders.

A network is nothing but an interconnection of two or more computers which share hardware like router or Ethernet cables. Networks are very useful in home or business, because it is very useful to share files, folders and applications.

Steps to connect a Mac to a PC on a local network

There are simple steps to share a Mac and PC on LAN. Both the systems have internal networking to accomplish the connection. Here are the some instructions which will guide you through all setup:

First step is to setup the Window for file sharing. Go to explorer, right click on each folder which you want to share and click on properties. Go to the sharing tab, check the box for the folder on the network and name the folder that will appear on Mac. Now click OK. In Mac PC also you have to do some settings in system preferences. Go to system preferences dialogue box as an administrator and select “windows sharing” and “personal sharing option”. You must your Mac workgroup same as Windows workgroup to avoid conflicts while sharing.

Now get your PC IP address, if your computer has a name then remember that also.

Now go to Mac and at the top of the screen you will find “GO” menu there you need to select “connect to the server” option. Now you will see a server address box, type “smb: //’ followed by IP address and PC name and click “connect”.

Now you will see system authentication box. Enter you windows username and password to access folders.

After performing all these actions, use the drop-down box in the next dialogue box that appear to search the available shared folders. Click “OK” Select the shared folder and. You are able to access that folder on Mac PC. You can copy and open all the folders on Mac PC.

Tips and warnings

Mac is not able to read executable files i.e. files with .exe extension and other windows exclusive programs. It is better to use computer name instead of IP address because IP address tends to change every time. Turn off firewall in your PC or configure it to allow IP address. We can share only files and folders in Mac and Windows PC not applications.