Network printer is a printer which is connected directly on the network and can be accessed by all the computers connected on the network. Computers which have network level permission and access to the printer can install the printer and can use it just like it was a local printer. Network printer should not be confused with a printer which is connected to any computer on the network and shared for use by other computers. Such kind of installation is called a Shared printer and functioning of a shared printer depends upon the availability and functioning of the computer to which it is locally connected. On the other hand a network printer is connected using a LAN cable and not USB directly to the network. It has its own presence in the routing table and has its own IP address. It is just like a smart network device on the network which can be accessed and used over the network. Installing and connecting a network printer on the network is a different topic all together but in this post we will discuss how to use such network printer from a laptop which is wirelessly connected to the network.

To wirelessly connect a Laptop you should know the Security key of the network and once you know that you can connect your computer to the network. Once the connection gets established your computer becomes a part of the network and functions the same way as a directly connected computer would. So basically there is no difference of connecting your computer through a LAN cable and then accessing the network printer, or connecting your laptop wirelessly and then accessing the same. Once you are connected to the network then go to the Control Panel and open Printers. In the printer window, click on the Add Printer option, so that the Add Printer wizard starts. The first screen of the Wizard is the Welcome screen so just click on next. In the second screen you have to select what type of printer you would like to add and in this case we will select the second option which is A Network Printer and click on Next. In the second screen if you know the correct name and path of the printer then select the second option and enter the path and name of the printer, else you can select the first option which is Browse and then click on next. In the browse screen you will see your entire network where you can browse to the printer and select it and click on next. Once the connection gets established depending upon your network access rights, printer access rights and local installation rights, you will see the printer installation happening and in a while the printer icon will get added in your printers list.

This way the network printer gets installed on the Laptop which is connected the same network wirelessly. Now whenever you have to use the printer make sure that you are connected to the same network and just select the printer name while printing from the Print dialog box and give the print commands. All you might need to do after giving the command would be to get up from your seat to collect the print-outs.