HDMI which means high definition multimedia television has revolutionized the entertainment with its extraordinary benefits. The difference of analog signals and digital signal have been pretty apparent with the launch of HDMI concept. On HDMI TV the complete experience of watching movies and soaps is extremely exceptional. It adds the quality quotient to our watch of TV’s. The technology has brought some more add on to the HDMI feature. Not every one has to now get a high definition TV but computers connected with TV’s via HDMI cable could easily solve the purpose. fF you are looking forward to connect your PC to HDMI and set up one more dimension to your entertainment than follow the steps below:

1.Find out the HDMI port on your central processing unit
2.If the CPU does not have a VDI or HDMI ouput, HDMI card must be installed
3.Connect the HDMI cable between the computer and the TV
4.Configure the settings in the PC
5.Reboot the system

Find out the HDMI port on your central processing unit

It is essential to search out the HDMI port at the back of the CPU.Normally at the rear panel of the CPU right after the VGA port there should be a post for HDMI connection. The newer version of systems has the HDMI port specified. If unable to find out the VDI or HDMI port follow the cable from the back of the monitor to trace the port just after it.

If the CPU does not have a VDI or HDMI output, HDMI card must be installed

There are computer which might not have the HDMI or VDI ports. Even after finding out at the rear panel you could not find a port for HDMI connection than you would require investing into HDMI card. If you wish to use the VGA port as the HDMI connection, you might need to invest into a converter which is equal at cost with the HDMI card.

Connect the HDMI cable between the computer and the TV

After you have located the HDMI port or installed the HDMI card, make sure that the connection of the HDMI cable from the system’s rear panel to the TV’s rear panel has been properly made. Ensure that the cables have got properly fixed.

Configure the settings in the PC

Afterwards get your system reboot and switch on to the control panel following appropriate windows, under display settings advanced options there are few settings which are must to be checked. Therefore set the refresh rate and the resolution settings for perfect display. Accomplishing the settings check on the mode whether it is clone or mirror.

Reboot the system

To let the changes take effect reboot the system and you are set to watch HDMI version of movies on your TV.

With the immense growth of technology and its benefits, it is important to match up our pace and the document helps in depth understanding of connections between PC and TV to obtain HDMI connection.