It is not a big secret that Mozilla has revolutionized the browser market with its Firefox. However a lot of people are still oblivious of the entire range of applications that Mozilla provides to their users.  One such product that is making waves nowadays is Thunderbird. It is a mail express designed both for business and home purposes. And before you ask, yeah it is open source!!

Now most people will be reluctant to change from MS Outlook to thunderbird, after all most of the exchange servers in offices use Microsoft Outlook and as a result all the mail accounts are configured on that platform only.  But such is the power of these open source software’s that they can be tweaked in any way you want , so now there is a option to configure Thunderbird with MS exchange and get access to all the company data .

Steps to install and configure Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Download Thunderbird 3.0 beta. It is the latest version and has a very friendly and upgraded user interface.
  2. Once done simply install the software like any other and then restart your computer.

How to set up an Email account on Thunderbird:

  1. Open Thunderbird and then go to tools.
  2. Click on Account setting.
  3. Enter your desired name, your work email and password
  4. Click next, and in the server settings select IMAP Mail Server

For importing the data from MS Outlook and configuring it with MS Exchange:

  1. Open MS Outlook and then go to tools. Click on Address book and right click on the drop down list menu.
  2. There will be an option saying Global Address Book. Select its properties
  3. Select the server name that is written there, it will have the name of the MS Exchange Server of your company and then copy the same in Thunderbird’s server name box.
  4. When it asks for a login name, just enter the login name of your PC.
  5. For the secure connection, click on Never.
  6. Once this is done all the choices must be left the way they are. Your mail configuration and integration should be working fine now.

The settings are very simple and should be up and running in no time. The only thing lagging was the address book. But there is an option of search provided there so that you don’t have to wait for the whole directory to load.

If this configuration does not work then don’t fear to try and snoop around a little. Because there are various settings that differ from computer to computer and if nothing works try your companies IT department. They should be able to you out in trouble shooting the problem. And if that also does not help then the whole Mozilla community is at your service!