Microsoft Outlook is the application or the email client which connects to the Exchange server for sending and receiving mails. If your outlook has one exchange email account configured then go to the tools menu and select Address Book. In address book on the top right corner you will find a drop down which is used for selecting the address book. Here you will see an entry called Global Address book. Have you ever wondered what global address book is? Have you thought ho does your recipients email id automatically appears in the To box when you type his/her name in the To box and press Control and letter K. Any name which is not in your contacts list still gets resolved on pressing Ctrl+K.

How should You Connect to the Address List

This becomes possible because of the Global Address book of your Microsoft Exchange account, or to be precise the global address book which is present on your Exchange Server. Any user who is present on the exchange server gets his name and email id added in the global address book. You can configure your outlook application to fetch the names from the Global Address book. You can even set the default address book if you have more than one and then outlook will only resolve the names present in that particular address book and not from any other. Let us see how we do this.

Open Microsoft Outlook and enter your exchange password if prompted. We are assuming that you already have an exchange account configured in Microsoft Outlook and you are able to connect to it using the network on which you are connected currently. Once the Outlook is open click on the contacts tab or you can go to the Tools menu and then click on the Address Book option. Once the Address Book is open you will see a list of names and emails appearing in the box there. This listing depends upon the selection which you make and save in the “Show names from” drop down list in the same window. If you wish to connect to the Global Address book and use the Address stored in it, then drop the “Show Names From” list and select Global Address Book. As soon as you will select this option your list of names will suddenly grow huge and will now display all the users which are present in the global address book. Scroll it down and select the name to which you want to send the mail and double click on it. if you wish to see more information about that user then right click and go to properties. By default the Address book display Items according to the names and names can be similar for more than one person. So it is always good to first check the properties and view the email address before sending a mail if you have similar names in the address book. The properties of any contact in the Global Address book gives any additional information which is saved while creating the user id. This information can be regarding a persons Employee ID number, his designation, his team etc.