The magic of Internet is such huge that one can go to any extent to make a completely new world inside that home. From finding information’s and research to meeting millions of people across the world  is just a click away when there is Internet inside the house. One can enjoy live chats and talk shows with the stalwarts of the society and can get themselves educated with various online educational programs. Now a day’s many big institutions are providing satellite coaching throughout the nation. One cannot hide the magic that the Internet is bringing forth. One should check the following steps so that the whole installation process is easy.

All necessary network adapters need to be installed before bringing windows vista for home purpose. There is a manual guide, which came with the package so one should follow the manual carefully. One should see that the Internet is connected properly and is working without any network failure. One can check this out by moving on to a site which one has not been before, this particular thing is done to ensure that the page is not stored inside the cache. If the page loads without much difficulty then the Internet is working properly. One should take an Ethernet network or a wireless network. Make sure that either of the connections taken is proper. One should then go o control panel and then select the option “network and Internet”. Then go to the “Network Sharing Center”. In the left hand side there will be a box over there, go to the “Set up a connection or network”. “Set up a wireless router or access point” is the next step which one should follow after the fifth step. One should follow the ensuing step. To test the network one should go to the start menu and then click on “Network” option as you click in this option you will see that icons are shown representing other computer and the one which is connected with the home network. The step seven should be repeated for the available computers in our home.

There are certain tips one should follow because if these tips are not followed before installations then your computer might be at risk. A wireless network connection set up can be more fruitful as fort computers at greater distance through electromagnetic waves. An Ethernet connection is the best suited connection for the home based computers as this is used for computers in the close proximity and supports the Local Area Connection. One should first know as to what are the necessary requirements to set up a home based Internet connection. So you have to well verse with the requirements. Then follow all the listed steps in order to avoid any error in the connection. Following these steps are very easy as now one knows what the basic requirements for his home based computer are and the connection which will be best suited for him.

Click OK when you are done and move to menu and choose tools/email accounts. Click next so you can save the default view, choose the account at the top, select new mail location and simply click on finish.