Currently wireless networks influence telecommunication industry. It has become an obligatory tool of routine life with its growing popularity. Lack of cables is the main reason behind this fame; but it also serves many advantages over wired system. It is forecasted to have more number of wireless subscribers than that of wired subscribers. You can connect your system or laptop to wireless network by using options that are provided by your operating system. Windows offers an easy way for it.

In case of laptop, when you start it, catalog of existing wireless networks appears on screen. This list of wireless networks appears on screen only if laptop possesses a wireless network adapter. The driver of adapter must be installed to enable the adapter. Doing so, system provides available wireless networks; out of them one is selected. Selection of network is irrespective of location of user. Following some easy steps can do connection of laptop to any accessible wireless network.

Procedure for Connection

In notification area, which is located at the bottom of screen, you can see various icons. On left, there are icons like ‘Start’, ‘Windows Explorer’, while on right you will see icons for speakers, network etc. Network icon for wired network is different from the icon for wireless network. To work with wireless network, you must connect your laptop with wireless network. List of wireless network, which are accessible on that particular place where you are working, can be seen with right-click on network icon in notification area. On click, ‘Connect to wireless network’ will open showing available wireless networks.

In this catalog of wireless networks, intensity information of each accessible network is given. According to these details, network that has maximum intensity can be selected. Clicking ‘Connect’ option connects network. Sometimes network has need of pass phrase or network security key. It must be provided in order to connect to network. You can get this network key or pass phrase from your Internet Service Provider (ISP); otherwise network administrator can help you out.

Configuration of Connection Settings

There is one more thing that is important to note. You must give preference to security-enabled wireless networks. Use of networks that are not secured is really harmful. In case of such networks, someone with effective tools can witness your each and every action. This information also consists of documents and websites that you are using. Even your user names and passwords are not spared. Modification in network location like changing it to ‘Public’ can lessen this problem; but it is not really a reliable option. So it’s better to stick to secured wireless networks.
If you are facing complications in connection to selected wireless network, you can make changes in wireless network connection settings. There is ‘Advanced’ option, under which you will see ‘Wireless Networks’ tab. Here you can have a quick look on all additional network settings. You have to be one of the local administrators to alter these settings. Moreover, you must have wireless network adapter that is compatible with Wireless Zero Configuration service. To check the compatibility of your adapter, you can ask your network administrator.