Along with the likes of wireless technologies and mobile phones, it is an era of home video games as well. If Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 were not enough for the target consumers, Nintendo came up with its seventh-generation video game console named Wii in November 2006.

The wireless controller or the Wii remote is its distinguishing feature which can be used as a handheld pointing device which detects movements in three dimensions. Another feature is the WiiConnect24, which allows it to receive messages and updates over the Internet, even while in standby mode. It is these features that have helped the Wii lead the worldwide sales over its two other competitors.

Although the Wii’s wireless technology has gained tremendous popularity among its generation, some people may find the attempts to connect it to their wireless home network frustrating. Wii is a device that can be installed with a proper procedure when a technician is at work. However, it is a difficult procedure when people take it upon themselves to perform the installation securely.

Instructions to be followed to connect Wii to a secure Wireless network

Step 1: The first step involves accessing your Wii and writing down its MAC address. This address is used to provide to the router to avoid the Authentication process, which can irritate most people.

Step 2: The next step involves opening the web browser and typing the IP address in the address bar. This address depends on the router manufacturer however, it is usually by default. Through this, one gets access to his wireless router. Then one can go to the Network settings and enter the MAC address in the exceptions list. This enables the router to not only expect the Wii to send a signal, but also ensures fewer problems with verifications after that. This makes the connection process faster as well.

Step 3: After the above step, a password is entered to set up the WEP incryption. This step is essential to lock out to avoid all intruders from gaining access to the Wii network. Otherwise they would log in to the system and cause extreme damage to it. The code generated thereon is in upper case. This code should be given to the Wii or any other wireless device as desired.

There is a tip that needs to be considered with the above steps. The WEP encryption should always be used in combination with MAC address exceptions. What this would ensure is that no one would be able to access the network unless he enters his MAC address in your own computer.

Following the above steps would not only make one’s Wii connection secure, but would also bring proper understanding of how the Wii connects to the wireless router. However, before making any changes, precautions need to be taken as accidentally disabling the security would mean asking for trouble. The manufacturer or a technician should always be consulted first for login procedures, for better and safe handling.