Ever experienced running out of batteries in the middle of doing something important? Meeting maybe or a conference? Or you are in a flight that would take hours and ran low on battery on the middle of the flight? If you have, then no, there’s nothing wrong with your batteries, it’s just the normal limitation of a laptop battery as it can only serve you so long in each single charge.

Solutions to Lengthen the Battery Life

There is always a solution though for this dilemma, two of which would be to:

•    Bring an extra battery – so that when your current battery runs out, you will have a spare to get your laptop going for additional hours
•    Bring your power cord – so that in time that your battery is out, you can charge in the nearest outlet and continue using your laptop

Tricks to Lengthen the Battery Life

However when these two are not available or not possible, there’s always of your laptop, here’s how:

•    Click on the battery logo ion your tray and Click on “Power Saver Plan” or you can do it via Control Panel – Power Saver Plan.
•    Choose a plan that will save you power – windows 7 offer two plans as default;
•    Balance – gives full performance and brightness display, but when the laptop is idle, it saves energy
•    Power Saver – if you want to extend battery life, this is the best plan of choice, but this will also give a lower display brightness and slower performance
•    You can also personalize the power plan according to your satisfaction and need.
•    Reduce brightness of display – the display is the most power consuming among all parts of the laptop, more than the hard drive itself. Some laptops have display brightness control button, to know if your laptop has one, check the manual or brochures given along with the laptop, or better yet, contact your manufacturer. You can also manually adjust the brightness by going to the Control Panel and on to the Power Options.
•    Hasten the time the Window’s dim and turns off the display – when the laptop is on idle, there is a certain amount of time allotted before the laptop dims or turns off display, in order to save energy, you can adjust the time and make it shorter, so that when your laptop goes idle, the monitor will dim and turn off.
•    You can also remove unused devices attached to the laptop such as USB. A lot or devices consumes power when it is attached to the computer. If you are in need to save power, unplug unnecessary items or optional devices such as mouse, and use the touch pad, USB flash drive, and other devices that will consume energy from your laptop.
•    Turn off wireless devices that are integrated and PC cards – these can also consume energy on your laptop that you want to conserve for a longer battery life.

Laptop Batteries can go a long way if done with tricks by turning off or lessening the things or devices needed in your computer and diverting it into basic functions to extend its life as far as it can stretch.