Microsoft Corporation has gifted users with numerous outstanding and user friendly application. Starting from Microsoft Windows to Microsoft Office, all hold such an importance; without them your computer may be just like a car without tyres. Microsoft office blesses you with Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher and Access etc.  To pen down to Microsoft Excel this is very important tool for an office and for home users too. An official work like salary of employees, meeting dates, charts and other officially needs can be easily full filled with the help of MS Excel. Moreover, an official body can make use of MS Excel to hold information in an area and then can use it as a back up for the MS Outlook.

Did you know you can use the MS Excel to create a Calendar? You do not need to headlong in to difficult task, but you can easily do it by following a set of instructions.

Before putting your first leg towards the instructions, you need to have a proper running computer, MS office installed on your system and proper Internet connection.


Step one

Open Microsoft Excel by clicking on its icon, if you have the one on your desktop. If not, then click on the “Start” menu and then “All programs” followed by a click on the MS office tab under which you can see the MS Excel and click on the tab of MS Excel to open it.

Step two

Once the MS Excel window is prompted, click on the “File” option which you can find on the tool bar of your Excel dialogue box. From the drop down menu choose “New” option by clicking on it. This way a sidebar will open to the right corner of the Excel spreadsheet.

Step three

You can check the templates grid and see if you have the calendar template installed on your system by going for a click on the tab of “On My Computer.” Once you click on the latter, a “Template” window will be prompted. In the dialogue box prompted you can see the “Spread sheet solutions” option; click on it. Once you click on the latter, a list containing templates will be displayed; you can know from there the templates available on your system.

Step Four

Amongst the list of templates, if you see the “Calendar template” click on it to select it and then on an “OK” to open the latter. If you are not having the one on your PC installed then click on the “Cancel” tab. You can also find templates online by clicking on the “Templates on office online” tab which you can see after you click on the “cancel” tab. Once you click on the online tab. You will be taken to your web browser, where you can see a page containing the “templates” to choose from.

Step Five

Click on the link for calendars from the latter. From the different types of calendar templates, choose the desired one. Click on the “Download” tab, if you find the latter an appropriate option for you. Once downloaded, you can get the template loaded in the “Spread sheet solutions” bar. Choose the “Calendar Template” to work on the further.

Thus, calendar can be easily created with the help of Excel. All you need to do is to stick the above rules.