Microsoft Access is a very useful tools that is used to modify, insert and delete records in database. If you are familiar with computer then creating a form is quite simple and pleasant experience.  MS Access also offers a very user friendly and intuitive environment for its users. Creating a database will be very easy if you are using MS access. You can create Delete Action query in MS Access, after creating this query you can automatically delete a group of records from one or several tables. If you are planning to throw a CD away, you can delete the entire database from the CD. Microsoft Acce4ss allows four types of queries and the delete action query is one of them.

In this article we will tell you how to create a delete action query. You just have to follow the instructions given below.


The first step is to open the MS Access, double click the icon on the desktop.


Now you will have to create a new query containing the tables you want to delete records from. You can delete records from table containing relationships also by this query.


Now you have to click the arrow beside query type from the query design view, after that click delete query. After clicking that query, you will see a new window with list of tables and a grid.


Next step is to locating the tables from which you want to delete records. To do so, just drag the asterisk from these tables to the design grid. After that, just drag the fields that you want to use to the design grid. To explain this step we can give you an example of the CD; if you want to delete all records for Country and Western Music from your CD collection, you might drag a field named Genre to the grid.


Now you will see the criteria cell, in the criteria cell, just type the criteria that you want to delete. Now next step is to open the view menu and in the view menu, select datasheet view to view the records that will be deleted.


After performing all the steps given above, just open the view menu and choose design view to return to the query. You can make any changes if needed.


Now to delete the records; you just have to click “run” on the toolbar. Before you exit try to save the settings you have done to the database.

After performing the steps given above, you will create a delete action query in MS Access. Delete action query is very helpful for deleting records in tables in database. Delete action is one of the queries in database like update and edit. While doing so, keep one point in mind like you can stop the query by pressing Ctrl+Brk. This command used by Windows users generally.