You can defined Windows PowerShell may be as a new scripting technology, that is task-based and follows a strict line of commands. Basically It is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and it provides fully automated system administration tasks to IT professionals which can help them increase productivity. You can say that, Windows PowerShell is an integrated version of the VBScript and windows command prompt cmd.exe which is a user-friendly language that helps in controlling and automating administration task system.

Windows Vista Powershell digital certificates scripts and sign these with your identity. Whenever you sign a script, you and anyone who you distribute the script to knows that the script is unchanged. Any changes to the script can invalidate the signing and you have to re-signing the script with your digital certificate. Commercial security authorities like Verisign, CyberTrust or Thawte provide digital certificates, but if you want to making your own with Microsoft’s Certificate Creation Tool is free.

Features of Windows PowerShell in Vista

PowerShell basically offers ample scope for administrators to customize per their own needs. Administrators looking for a command line shell which is for interactive scripting will find PowerShell both exciting and useful. The chief features of Windows PowerShell, are that it has a plethora of numerous applications andutilities in terms of system administration; it has an added feature of synt ax and nomenclature management. It also has a facility to navigate common data management system such as the system for storing certificates and registry, it has a Intuitive scripting languages which are used by IT professionals for administration tasks. If you want to installs Window Power Shell on Vista computer, then it will open up a     host of amazing features, like at first you have to type ‘get-command’ promptly to know the 129 Windows Powershell cmdlets and then type PS> get-service to avail all the services. Now to avail all the services that starts with “w” and then also gets all associated services, type: PS> get-service w* | format-list DisplayName, DependentServices.

Windows PowerShell has a unique advantage which named ‘whatif’ to let the user know the result of the command even before implementing the command. All one you need to-do, is to type is: PS> stop-service w3* -what if. PowerShell can allow experimentation as one can start and can stop transcripts of all commands. This feature can makes it easy to test commands and save them for use in a script and to avail, type PS> Start-Transcript -Path c:\demo\dfoshow.txt and to stop it use PS> Stop-Transcript. Windows PowerShell is designed to work with objects thet make accessing .COM and a .NET framework from which the command line easy. For easy command line access you have to– type PS> $spVoice = new-object -com “SAPI.spvoice” and to set the speaking option use PS> $spVoice.Speak. There are commands which are available to do several incidental tasks- like playing a song by the band The Posies in Windows Media Player. Basically PowerShell facilitates can doing basic calculations from the command line. PowerShell can also used as a calendar calculator.