Windows Vista operating system was launched in the year of 2007 and since then it has become a very popular and powerful Windows operating system. Vista comes in various versions depending on the user needs like Home Basic, Home Premium, etc.

Windows Vista operating system provides you imminence feature to make your simple life easier. Features like parental control which can be used to keep your kids away from unwanted content and websites and the UAC or User Account Control, which is a very powerful tool to keep your system intact from any unwanted access. Vista provides another powerful functionality known as Calendar (Windows Calendar). It can be used to plan and make a complete family calendar. You can manage all important occasions and family activities using Windows Calendar. It can also be used to create tasks, appointments, reminders and to set priorities. There are multiple use of Windows Calendar in Windows Vista where you import and export calendars in iCalendar format you can also publish calendar on web.

Windows Calendar can also be used to send the email appointments to single email address or multiple email addresses from you contacts list.

With today’s busy lifestyle it is getting difficult to remember important family events like birthday or marriage anniversary. In this article, you are going to learn to create your own family calendar using Windows Calendar:


The first and most important step is to make a record for all the important dates and events like birthday, anniversaries, etc.  Also keep extra information for each record like time, date and place for future references.

Windows Calendar gives functionality to create a completion deadline for each task and you also set the priority for each project or task depending on the importance and urgency. Set the calendar to remind you the important schedule which will help you to remember any event in advance and you can either arrange for a gift or a party for your family member or a friend.


Type “Calendar” in the from the Start Menu search option on your Vista computer and select the “Windows Calendar” option from the search result.


The application will open with username by which you are logged into the computer. Now in the application, select the ‘File Menu’ and ‘New Calendar’.

This will open a new calendar setup where you type in a specific name for the calendar. In this scenario, type name as ‘My Family’.

Now you are ready to insert the required information into the your family calendar. You can click on ‘New Appointment’ or ‘Task’ to add any important family event. This step will open a new pane where you can add all the required information and can also set the schedule and reminder in the same place.

These very simple tools can help you to remember all the important dates and events. Apart from it, you can also subscribe to a web calendar and import and export calendars from external sources.