Google groups are a great mode of staying in touch with your family and friends in your own way regardless of their geographical location. Google groups can also be used to create discussion boards for any topic of your choice; may be some hobby, interest, or any news topic. With Google groups you can create your own community and can even start a small social networking portal. Google groups can also be used for sending bulk e-mail messages to all members and keeping them updated for any updates in the group. In your community people can interact with each other and with all depending upon their choice. It offers both private and public settings to every individual. By default Google offers a 100 GB of storage space to every new group. This certainly is very large amount of space and will take years to reach its capacity.

Now as you know a lot about the intricacies of the group so let us go ahead with the steps of creating a Google group.

Step 1: Before you could do anything, you will need a Google account, so if you do not have one then please create it by opening, clicking on ‘Sign In’ and then on ‘Create an account now’. Go through the various options in the account creation page and create you Google account. Once you have this account it can be used for accessing all the Google services.

Step 2: Go to Click on ‘Create a group’ button. Login with your Google account and fill out the required information as asked by the site.

Step 3: After you have created the group, you are able to add members to it. This can be done by clicking on ‘Add Members’ and sending invitations to your family or friends for adding them to the group. You can yet write you own custom invitation message for the same.

Step 4: You can further customize your group by going through all the other options available on the home page of your group. These options are Invites or Add members, create some pages, Upload some files, Tune your group settings. We already have discussed the first option and now let us see the other options.

Step 5: Pages are to let others know what new you have in your group. You can start a discussion on that page, you can post any image on that page, or do anything you would like to share with your friends.

Step 6: With this option you can share files with the users of your group. It is a nice way to share multiple files at the same time with multiple members. You can share images, videos and whatever you like with the members.

Step 7: The last option of tune your group settings can be used to view and change all the group settings on one single page. If you wish to change any setting then simply click on edit and make the changes.

Now you are the owner of your new Google group.