Microsoft Access which is now known as Microsoft Office Access is sub member of Microsoft Office. It actually operates by combining the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine along with GUI (Graphical User Interface) and developments tools relating to software. There are many editions of Microsoft office in which the MS Access falls like MS Office Professional, MS Office Student edition and MS Office Home edition etc. The latest version now out in the market in Office 2010. The MS Access is mainly used to develop the application soft wares and simple application. The MS Access is mainly used by those who are software developers, power users and architects of data. MS Access is also supported by the VB (Visual Basic) and is based on OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

The MS Access contains views like Design view and has got fields in it. One can prepare reports regarding the data he/she posses and can use Access even to develop certain small application soft wares too.

Now let us pen and talk about field that requires the usage of currency. You can rather create a field in MS Access for Currency than using the number field. Moreover, this can be helpful to you if you long for a high level of accuracy in the calculations of currency or money.

How to create an MS Access field for currency?

The following instructions will help you through.

Step one

Open the MS Access window which you can find under the MS Office tab and in that amongst view option choose the “Design View”.

Step two

In the location that contains the new currency field put the cursor in the row beneath which is the location that contains the “new currency field”.  Choose by clicking on the bottom row option, if you long to have the field at the end in the MS Access’s field.

Step three

In the toolbar choose the “Insert Row” tab which you can find the toolbar of the MS Access. If not, in the menu choose the “Insert” option and then scroll down to “Row” option and by doing so a new row will appear.

Step four

To rename the “Field”, click on the “field name”. Then give the field the desired name you long to give.

Step five

The column prompted which is immediately towards the right of the new field click on the “data type”, tab

Step Six

Choose by clicking on the arrow to develop a menu for the selection of data types. In the data types menu select the “Currency” tab.

Thus on MS Access you can do an ample amount of work by simply finding a way out for it. The field which uses number can be used for currency evaluation as well, by simply choosing the data type of “Currency”.