Software applications have taken all the load of office tasks. Days are gone when people used to sit on noisy typewriters and do the work but now everything is replaced with computers. Now there is no need of huge file rooms or messy tables full of file and folders. You can save your tasks and important data in the hard drives of your computer or on the organizations server. No need to burn your eyes in the calculator doing lengthy calculations but your software application will do it all for you. One can so badly rely on computers that there is no need to double check the entered data because your computer will validate the data itself. This has led to very less chances of errors and has improvised the job to a great extent. If we talk about Database applications then MS Access stands to be the first choice which comes. This application has given liberty to the developers to create custom applications depending upon the office needs and the mode of work. You can save data directly in MS Access file and if you want you can do the entire reporting and calculations work there itself. Gaining command on Access is a complete study in itself as there is lit to learn and do with this application however in this post I will cover one of the features of this application and will let you know how to a field in Access table which can automatically generate numbers. Creation of numbers is very important in a database as this defines a unique key which separates records from each other and makes them unique. These numbers can be the records number, identity number or any other unique kind of ID which works in your organization.

Given below are the steps to create a MS Access field that automatically generates numbers:


Open MS Access and then open the database where you want to add such a field.


Switch to Design View to enable complete modification of your table.


Locate where you desire to insert the new automatic field. Right click there and then select Insert row. If it has to be at the end of the table then right click on the first empty row at the bottom and then click on Insert Row.


After inserting this new field please give it a name for better identification.


On the right side of this newly added field you will find an arrow for selecting the data type which should be AutoNumber type.


After selecting the AutoNumber type field you are done with the creation and all you need is set extra formatting options for the field by right clicking on it and selecting the formatting options.


Save the changes by clicking on Save and close the table.

Now this field will act as the automatic number generating field and will generate and save a new number every time a new record is saved in this table of your database.