MS excel can be customize to get an attractive design of the spreadsheet. You can create a MS Excel skin; this process is same as applying wallpaper to a spreadsheet. A skin applied to a file reflects the sense of your style and uniqueness, it is also used to enhance the document you are creating. If you are applying any photograph or custom drawing then it can be used to cover the background of your spreadsheet and add extra modification or flavor to grid of cells and numbers. We recommend you to use a skin to bring a little extra to your MS Excel spreadsheet.

In order to apply a skin to your spreadsheet, please follow the steps mentioned below:


Now the first step is to open the MS Excel and click format from the menu bar.


In the format menu, select sheet.


Now you will have to select the picture you would like to use as a skin.


The last step is to click insert button and the skin will be applied to the MS Excel spreadsheet.

You can also create a skin from Microsoft Clip Organizer folder. Through this application it is very easy to get the access of the Microsoft Clip Organizer folder. In order to crate the skin go to my documents, then My Pictures and in My Pictures go to Microsoft Clip Organizer folder. You can show your creativity and design your own skin by making custom drawings, after making save them to my Pictures folder. My Pictures folder is accessible and you can use the picture or drawing when ever you want. Sometimes, be careful while adding the screen because it can either enhance or distract from what you are trying to convey in your MS Excel document. So, we recommend you to take more time in choosing the right skin because the right skin will only compliments your file by adding meaningful value to the document.