When you construct yourself a new house, you give prime importance to its ‘Security’ and long for a permanent security option like burglar alarm, a strong security enabled doors or windows and security guard too. When you provide your home with these ample sources of security, in which no longer your intervention or infringement is needed; unless urgently required. Since your PC is you’re ‘Tech home’ and the ‘Network’ of it is a home to the outside world, the same concern is required over here also. Hence you long for such a security system schedule that will not only prevent your network from being intruded, but also protect your ‘Tech home’ in all possible ways and this could be done by following certain simple steps.


For a MS window’s user, you need go this way. Click on the “Start menu” which you find in the extreme left corner of screen. Open the “All programs list” by simply clicking on it, followed by a mere click on the “Accessories Tab”. You will see a list with tabs like Accessibility, Communications and System Tools etc. Click on the “System Tools” tab and then a dialogue box develops which shows a “Schedule Tasks Program” tab and click on this option shown then. The “Schedule Task” dialogue box appears which has “Add Schedule Task” as one of its option. Double-click on the option and then choose the “Network Security Program” that you long to run from the list of options, right in front of your computer screen. Therein you’ve your ‘Network Maintenance Schedule’ asking you assign a username to the “Task”. You can also choose, how frequently you want the task to be done? The list says you can go for “Daily performance” that will run “Network Maintenance Schedule” daily. Then you’ve the “weekly performance” option followed by a “monthly performance” of the task option too. For the daily, weekly or monthly performance you’ve to choose an appropriate date and time, according to your convenience. With the assigned username and date & time the task will begin its performance and thus aid you by maintaining an automatic Network maintenance. With the username assigned for your “Network Maintenance” you can open the option with your username and click on the “Run” the task tab. Once the setup completes click on the “Finish” option.

The moment you click on the “Finish” option you see a last result being produced which displays a code of completion. Like for example 0x0: Stands for operation being completed successfully, 0x1 : If an unknown function is called or an incorrect function is called it’s depicted by the before colon symbol. While 0xa : says that the environment is incorrect. For obtaining ample information about the symbols being shown refers MSDN which will guide you and provide explanation about all “Windows Completion Codes”.

Thus, in order to help your computer remain healthy, specially talking about the Network, you can go for “Network Security Maintenance Schedule” by simply creating “Schedule Task for network maintenance”. Moreover, this will also prove helpful to you when you want to relax while your computer takes care of its security responsibilities.