This blog will walk you through the procedures for creating a new list global address list in MS Exchange 2003 using the LDAP and after the whole thing; you won’t help but notice how simple it really is. For your information, it is possible to have multiple global address lists even though clients will only gain access to one of these multiple global address list most often.  But sometimes, it becomes hard to get the Global Address List that you may need if you make use of the available options in the Exchange filter screen.


If that happens to you, then what you need to do is utilize the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP query that enables create a custom search. Resultantly, you can then use the custom search to create a new Global Address List. Simply put, this brief is going to show you how to use the Exchange System Manager to create a Global Address List by way of the custom search you will have created. Simple but very useful, just tag along!

To use the Exchange System Manager Utility;

To create a custom search using the Exchange System manager to run an LDAP query, you need to simply maneuver to the Exchange server 2003 and open the System Manager Utility, from where you should enlarge Recipients and right click on the All Address Lists tab. On the All Address Lists tab, select New and click Address List. Once you have gotten to the Address List Name space, enter a name that will describe the address list and then click on the Filter Rules tab. In Filter Rules, you will now pick the Find list and then simply click on Custom Search, once that is done click on the Advanced tab to progress.

The LDAP Query

You area just about to finish, simply enter in the LDAP query in the Advanced tab for instance, enter givenname=firstname. In the example text entered, the firstname refers to the first name of the user you intend to locate, however, perhaps you must mention that the example is a bit limited and your query might be longer than mine. Once you have submitted the LDAP query, simply click on OK and then Finish to complete the procedure and you will have pulled it off. Simply go to All Address List and you will find your new address list saved there.

It is such a simple u8ndertaking and you will have your new lists in no time. Using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol query to create a custom search is just one of the ways you can create a new Global Address List in MS Exchange Server 2003 and by far the easiest; at least that is what my little research established. It was done in record time and we can see the address list created by simply going go the All Address List and checking them out. Hope you got helped!