For its versatility and widespread usage, Microsoft Outlook is perhaps the most commonly used mail client server. If you have used it for ones now and can’t remember ever having changed it at some point because this is one amazing task manager. By now, if you are an Outlook enthusiast, you will have noticed the task manager and its amazing uses. This application lets you to send and receive mail; you can take business notes and even track your appointments keenly so you can update them amongst other functions.

Creating new Outlook for an existing Profile

Outlook lets you create multiple user profiles easily and very fast. However, this works quite greatly because from the created profiles, a group’s administrator gets a lot of functions he can perform with the group, such as creating a new Outlook for an existing profile. What this does is allow the administrator of group of computers operating on the same Exchange Server to form a new Outlook email account for an existing profile from the group of computers. Thus the administrator can have as any new users as is required by simply creating new ones from the ones in the group of computers he manages. Easy and simple but a powerful tool as it is.

You need to ensure that either you are the administrator of the group of computers you want to create new emails for or at least you must have administrator privileges or rights. Other than that, be sure that the Exchange Server you are using is set up pretty good prior to undertaking this simple task.

What to do?

Simply move to the Start button and go to Control Panel. If you have Outlook opened, close it first before beginning this procedure. Once you have opened the Control Panel, select the Mail tab from the pane and immediately you will be presented with a mail set up dialog box. Now just click on the Show Profiles tab and then choose the profile you like to use, if this is done, click on the Properties tab. On the properties window, you will find a number of available options and simply choose E-mail Accounts. From E-mail Accounts, select the New tab and just move to the next set of options by clicking Next.

Create the Account

Once you have done the above, simple let the settings take effect and then finish off with clicking on the Finish tab. You have just created a new user account from the already existing users in a group of computers.

There it goes, the whole process should take a short while and as you can see, it is as easy as ABC. Create as any new accounts as you want from the existing ones.