By setting up a wireless router either in a corporate office or a house, the wireless network thus created makes it accessible for other compatible devices. Even if you are the only person accessing your network, you need to create a password, thereby securing it against unauthorized use by anyone within the range of the network.

Instructions to create a password for Linksys

Linksys is a very famous brand name in the field of networking, as it creates a number of home as well as office networking devices that include not only routers but other products as well, like wireless video cameras, Ethernet switching, network storage systems etc. Creating a password for the Linksys router requires accessing the configuration page of the router, which involves the following steps.

Step 1: Open the web browser on the desktop and enter in the address bar, which is the IP Address for Linksys. After hitting Enter, you need to type in the Login Information in the next window that comes up. In the Username, you don’t need to enter anything but type ‘admin’ in the password field. Follow this procedure unless you have previously changed the default Username and Password.

Step 2: You would then be taken to the configuration screen where you have to click on the ‘Wireless’ tab, and then follow by clicking on ‘Wireless Security’ in order to view the current security password for the router. If you have not already chosen a password, it will show as ‘Disabled’ next to ‘Security mode’.

Step 3: From the available WEP and WPA encryptions choose the appropriate type from the drop down menu of ‘Security Mode’. To access the network, the WPA encryption allows you to choose a single password, whereas the WEP encryption creates some keys that act as your wireless network password. Utilization of a certain type of encryption is sometimes required by some of your wireless devices. You can determine the protocol that is best for your network.

Step 4: This step involves selection and entering of a password which will be required for you to gain access to the network. If you have gone for the WPA encryption in the previous step, you can write down a password of your choice. For the WEP encryption, however, you need to click on ‘Generate’ for creating passwords that could be used to connect to the network. The password then need to be written down and kept secure in another location.

Step 5: To confirm the changes, click on the ‘Save settings’ button, thereby making the network secure and requiring a password.

Step 6: To create a password, click on ‘Administration’ for accessing the router configuration page itself. It needs to be ensured that the password is changed from the default one that is ‘admin’. For confirmation, re-enter the password in the next field and click on ‘Save settings’ to confirm.

Although securing the networks is a common practice in businesses, one needs to protect the network even in case of home use, as the signal can be picked up by neighbors for unauthorized use.