Windows Vista has been one of the biggest hits of the Microsoft product range. It has brought a revolutionary change in the world of Microsoft with its improved and advanced features. It has had a tremendous influence in the world of operating systems.

Screen savers were originally created to prevent computer screens from being damaged, due to prolonged hours of light and dark displays over the same areas. To prevent the damage, these areas are covered by some moving or still images, called Screen savers. Screen savers are normally installed in the operating systems, but nowadays people want to create their own Screen savers, in order to be unique. Screen saver creation is very simple and its creation can be done in Windows Vista too. One just needs to choose one of the following options.

Create Screen saver (Manually)

For manual creation, follow these simple steps:

  • Right click in an empty space on the desktop.
  • Open properties and, then the Screen saver Tab.
  • Click on the option, ‘My Pictures Slide show’’.
  • Adjust the size of the pictures, speed of display, etc.

Pictures from ‘My Pictures’ folder will be displayed on the basis of your settings.

Create Screen saver (By Tools)

One can even make use of certain tools to create Screen savers. ‘2 Flyer Screen saver Builder’ is such a tool, which is much faster and powerful than most tools. The ‘2 Flyer Screen saver Builder’ can collect almost 10,000 images. The images can be of any format, the 2 Flyer can merge them into a single Screen saver. High quality pictures and videos, variety of music and flashes can be used in the Screen saver. The Screen saver is created within minutes. This Screen saver is compatible with any type of operating system and can also be shared with friends, relatives, etc.

‘My Screen saver Maker 4.68’ is yet another tool. You just need to drag the desired pictures and extra features, and drop them in the ‘My Screen saver Maker’ tool. It is a very simple and fast process, as it takes a few seconds. It can collect only 120 pictures, which also supports flash Screen savers.

There are various other tools available for the creation of Screen saver in Windows Vista. One can make use of them for the creation. In that situation, you need to purchase or download them from the internet.

There is yet another way of creating Screen saver. It can be done by converting the flash file. You just need to download and install the ‘Flash forge Program’. Then, launch the application on your PC and click next. Browse and select the flash file, and click next. Your Screen saver is created.


One might have some problem regarding the running of Screen saver in Windows Vista. The problem is regarding your mouse and keyboard. It is very critical to solve this problem. You can consult an expert or Microsoft, regarding this problem. You can also follow this advice. Just get one of those Microsoft Wireless receivers of the 2.0 version and try working with it. It can solve the problem.