A System repair disc does not come with the computer or Windows 7, however the CD image might have been saved somewhere in the system. The users are expected to burn a CD so that they are equipped with external resource for system recovery just in case. An external system recovery tool, such as the system repair CD is just like a last line of defense, when everything seems to go wrong the recovery disc could be the last man standing.

Importance of a system repair CD

Computer systems are very fragile, regardless of the make and brand, as the minute changes to the system files could make or break the entire system. This is why troubleshooting utilities and recovery tools are equally important aspects of system maintenance. Having a System repair disc becomes invaluable only when the system fails. But it might be just a bit late to recognize the importance of a system repair disc.

It’s only a matter of minutes

How long does it take to create a System recovery disc, most would agree that, not more than few minutes. ‘Create a system repair disc’ link is given at the left pane of the ‘Backup and restore’ page under the ‘System and Maintenance option in the main control panel. Administrator password might be required to proceed, but the overall CD burning process does not take long. If the guidelines for creating the repair CD are not followed properly, the whole exercise may look complicated.

Is Windows 7 installation disc required?

There may be instances where the system may require insertion of Windows 7 installation CD. This is because the system does not have the necessary data to be written onto the System repair disc. If such message is prompted at the click of ‘create a system repair disc’ link, there is no other way around but to insert a Windows 7 installation disc.

How useful is a System Repair CD

System repair CD is not something to be used day in, day out. In fact the less usage the disc is consider as a best alternative, as it will only be used upon critical system failures. If unfortunately such failures occur, a system repair CD might turn to be the last hope. So having a system recovery disc is always useful, especially when there are no other external means of system recovery.

Ease of recovery using the disc

Recovery process from a system repair disc is quite straightforward; it’s no more than just inserting the disc and restarting the computer. However the computer has to be configured to boot from the disc with BIOS settings.
Everything from creating a repair disc to using it in critical situations has been made easy on latest Windows systems. It’s just about following simple instructions. Nevertheless creating a system repair disc or a recovery procedure from such a CD should never be taken lightly.