An Html tag cloud is a stylized visual interpretation of content tags used on a website and it is also known as weighted list. Generally in any website more frequently used tags will be represented in large fonts or emphasized and it can be appeared either in alphabetical order or in a random order. Typically these tag clouds have weight between 30 to 150 tags, which is represented by font size and even histograms or pie charts also. Tag clouds are very attractive and will be given with hyperlink, so user can drill down on the data. Using Tag clouds people can explore your site very deeply and it increases usability of websites. It adds interactivity and helps the visitors to give an idea, what your website is all about, because the most frequently used topics will be covered in bold or bigger fonts.

The very first use of tag clouds was found on flicker site. It generally appears in lower left hand sidebar of any website. There are three main types of tag clouds divided by their meaning and not its appearance. In the first for each item there is one tag cloud, for second type global tag clouds are used where frequencies are aggregated over all items and users. In the third type, tags are used for categorizing the content items.

You can generate the tag cloud either manually through coding or using some software. Let us see how to generate tag cloud using

Step1: First go to your widgets and put the “Tag Cloud” in side bar, then save the changes.

Step 2: Open your blog in Firefox and select all the tags from the sidebar with your cursor.

Step 3: Right-click on the selection and select “View Selection Source” and paste it into the notepad file.

Step 4: Save the file as “Tagcloud.html” and you can open this html file in another browser.

Step 5: Now, copy everything from the window and paste it in the word file. Save the MS word file as CloudTag webpage and open it in Firefox browser. You can see your tag cloud in newly created page.

There are many tools which are used to create a tag cloud. ZoomClouds create tag cloud using any RSS feed. Tagline Generator generates Tag cloud using simple text data sources. Cloud Control used for and Ultimate Tag Warrior 3 is used with WordPress. You can get many other tools by browsing the Internet.

TagCloud Generator is one of such tools, which is used to generate a tag cloud. You need to provide some details and then it will create tag cloud for your website. Give the URL of the site that should be converted to tag cloud. In the text field URL link to, give the URL of the site where it will be forwarded when the word is clicked. Provide minimum word length, minimum word count, maximum words in cloud and base font size. Then click on “Covert Now” and it will generate Tag cloud for the given website URL. For more details on Tag Cloud Generator navigate to the link

So, if you want to increase the traffic of your website via tag clouds, then keep the minimum words in tag cloud and with sufficient space for each word.