In the event your computer crashes or is unable to begin or open to the windows screen, the boot disk or sometimes referred as the startup disk comes in handy. There has been several situations when you computer is infected by a Virus and your anti-virus software was of no help and you would have to take it to the manufacturer or service centre to bring your PC back to life; all this could be saved by creating a boot disk when your computer is healthy and is working normally.

What is startup disk?

The general meaning of the a startup disk is a removable type of media like CD or DVD that is stored with all the booting files required for your computer to start in the event your computer is unable to access the required boot files to begin normal operation. Usually the startup files are stored in the main hard disk of your computer and it need these files every time your restart or turn on your computer and or laptop. Some times the computer is unable to reach the startup files required it to reach windows; due to several factors like virus error, unexpected crash of the windows, etcetera. Windows Vista is so highly security coded that each computer can only be operated with its unique boot disk; no two-boot disks are the same for Windows Vista.  The startup disc also comes in handy when you cannot find the Windows Installation CD; because The main CD/DVD contains all the necessary startup files. Te boot disc can also fix most of windows errors and refresh your computer with unnecessary backlogs and corrupted files.

Make your own boot disk

It is easy and at the same time very important to create a boot disk. You can create as many numbers of disks as required. Begin by downloading a Windows Vista boot disk. ISO file; this file imitates a disk image of your current operating system. You can easily download the .ISO file from Microsoft website.  Insert a blank DVD into the disc slot of your computer (ensure you have a DVD writer); burn the .ISO file into the DVD. Once the .ISo file has be burned you have just created your very own startup disk


You can also create a boot disk by accessing the Control Panel and System Network and there you have the option to directly create a Windows startup disk. Similarly to the above step you would need to ensure you have a DVD writer and a black DVD. Depending on the speed of your computer it can take from several minutes to up to an hour to create Windows Vista startup disc.

Ensure you always label every boot disc you create, and keep the disc where you can always find them. The boot disc creates a disk image of your Windows Vista operating system running on your computer and makes sure it brings backs all the files, which the computer cannot normally or easily find due to a disc failure or system failure.