A hardware component for connecting two or more network segments that are physically separated is known as a wireless bridge. By using Operating System software, a computer can very well act as a bridge depending upon the OS it has in place. Although the nature of the hardware devices themselves is an essential factor in bridging two or more networks, there are many operating systems like Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Linux that provide software for the purpose.

Creating a wireless network bridge has become much easier in the case of a Macintosh computer, thanks to its new feature titled ‘Share your Internet Connection’. However, it might be slightly difficult to create the bridge in a Windows enabled Operating System and a lot different too. For the purpose, you would initially require 2 types of adapters in the mainboard of the computer in question, that you intend to use for bridging. To make a connection to the wireless access point, you require a wireless network adapter and a LAN adapter. If you are not one of those tech savvy users and are not aware of the components, you can either refer to the computer’s manual or contact the manufacturer.

Instructions to create a Wireless Network Bridge

The information of creating a wireless network bridge can be adopted by following the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Click on ‘start’ and select the ‘Control panel’ option on the computer that you intend to use for the bridging purpose. After that, select ‘Network and Internet Connections’ followed by ‘Network Connections’.

Step 2: As soon as you are in the Network Connections folder, you would be able to view many connections. Here every connection is a network card for the wired as well as the wireless network. You need to select and open the connection for ‘Wireless Adapter’. After that, go to the Details pane to ensure its proper functioning.

Step 3: Now you need to ensure that the Ethernet connection is working properly as well, the information of which is located in the same window. After checking it, both the connections should be clicked at the same time, which is done by keeping the Cntrl key pressed and then selecting each connection. Then select ‘Bridge Connections’ after right clicking on any of the connections.

Step 4: Now enough time should be given to the computer to configure the bridge connection. Once this is done, a new window appears that is titled ‘Network Connection’. What this means is you have been successful in creating aWireless Network Bridge.

For successfully bridging a network connection, it needs to be ensured that only those connections are selected for bridging which are neither being used by Internet Connection Sharing at the time nor by ICF (Internet Connection Firewall). Also if you need ICF or ICS, you should never attempt to create a wireless network bridge if you don’t have a new adapter card.