Word Press is powered by PHP and My SQL, the mail usage of it is as a “Blog Publishing Application.”  Since the internet world nowadays witnesses a bunch of enthusiastic and with didactic bloggers, the websites like word press provide a platform to such bloggers.  It not only has blogging facility but also features other fruitful features like a tem plating system and plug in architecture. It is often referred to as an open source CMS and is amongst the world’s most popular CMS in use today. Amongst the 1,000,000 biggest websites in use today, the Word Press with solely used by 12% of users. Recent stats say that it has been downloaded 12.5 million times after undergoing development in its versions since it was born. Word Press also includes an integrated feature of link to a search engine, the capability to assign nested and multiple categories to an article and enhanced support for tagging of articles and posts. It also has an Automatic filter that churns for styling the text in the articles and provides a base for proper formatting of an article. With a rich plug in architecture facility and can be also accessed on the Android cell phones like the iPhone, HCL Droid or iPod touch.

Can you also be a part of the outstanding world of WordPress.com?

Yes, you can be and you can easily login in once you have the account the created in the latter.

How to create an account in the Word Press?

Step one

Open your web browser like Internet explorer or Mozilla fire fox to log on to the website mentioned (http://www.wordpress.com). Once you access on its homepage, find out an orange colour tab which says in bold “Sign Up now”.

Step two

Once you click on the latter, you will be taken to this link (https://en.wordpress.com/signup/) where you will find a sentence written like “Fill out this one-step form and you will be blogging seconds later!”

Step three

In the form fill your desired “Username” or “User ID” which must be at least 4 characters, an alpha numeric one with letters in lowercase.

Step four

You will be required to create a “Password”; you must enter a strong password to avoid any kind of ambiguity in your account in the future.

Step Five

Once you have the Password created, you will be then required to confirm the password created and below the box you can see the instruction written as “use the upper and lower case characters, numbers and symbols like (!,”,£,$,%,^,&) in your password”.

Step Six

You will be then required to enter your email address and this is required because the website sends an important administration notices to your specified email address in order to triple-check and get you authentication done.

Step Seven

You will be then required to check the box adjacent to “Legal Flotsam” option and the after the check box it says “I have read and agree to the fascinating terms of service”. On which you can click to go through the terms of service.