Nowadays everyone holds an email account. The email accounts have helped users to send emails’ from any corner of the world to any other corner with in an eye flash. People hold email accounts on the websites like Yahoo, hotmail, Rediff and Gmail etc. But, at mostly the email accounts created are vulnerable to hacking and intrusion because of a silly mistake when one creates an email account. You actually risk you’re online post office.

Recent stats say that near about five percent of Yahoo, MSN and passwords are the same old and most vulnerable “123456”. The lower case passwords are used by a 42% of users and only a mere 6% people are quite adamant towards their account security and maintain alpha numeric passwords for their email accounts.

Well, if you are finding it difficult to create email account you can go for following a set of guidelines that will help you through.


Step one

The most easily cracked passwords are the one that have all the letters in lowercase, easily crack able numbers, handful digits and known name or the name of a known place.

Step two

To remain on the safe side create a password that has at least got a password of minimum 8 characters and it must be an alphanumeric one. This stands for a hybrid of numerical and letters in upper and lowercase.

Step three

Mostly people keep such passwords which have known names and numbers. Some go for keeping the mobile number as their password, which is nothing but a big blunder. Some prefer to keep their parent or children names, name of their dog and while some prefer the P.O Box address and some love indulge their birth date or any other known detail.

Step four

Here you are required to on your non sense conscience. Take in to consideration such a password that makes no sense and remember the same and keep it to yourself only. Remember to have some characters in capital while some in small. Like for example consider this one: GdmCt48xop. The latter is a sample of an alpha numeric password that has characters in upper and lower case. To take some tip from the Microsoft firm that says to form the password in somewhat this manner. Like consider a sentence with which you hold relevance. Let the sentence be “My son is Andrew, who is 7 years old”. Now your password will be like this “MsiAwi7yo”. The latter is the best way to create a password and you can retrieve the same but simply remembering the sentence.

Nevertheless, of the above mentioned you can use your own intellect to jump to password which you feel is easy to remember for and at the same is can be remembered easily by you. When you long for the best security; make use of the above mentioned steps. In order to create such a password that can not be easily cracked and is simple to remember.