Microsoft Office Access is one of the famous Database Management System developed and manufactured by Microsoft. It was earlier marketed as Microsoft Access but it has recently been re-branded by Microsoft. This application is used for creating database and store data it its original format which is supported by the latest technology known as Access jet Database Engine. It is also used to import data and link data directly from other applications and databases. Which means you can access an Access database with any other database files like Oracle and SQL.

It is very important to keep in mind that in the real world how Microsoft Access is used with other products. A complete Access solution may have Microsoft Access Forms and Reports managing Microsoft Access tables. On the other hand, Microsoft Access can be used only as the front-end, using another product for the back end tables like as Microsoft SQL server and non Microsoft products like Oracle. Similarly, some applications will only use the Microsoft Access tables and use another product as a front end like Visual Basic or technologies like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft outlook and ActiveX Data Objects.

Below I am giving few steps to create an Input Form in MS Access.

Step 1:

Firstly select Form from the Objects menu which is on the left hand side of the Microsoft Access screen. you can now select Create form using Wizard from the menu that appears but you can create forms without the wizard or helper program, it will give a number of automatic functions for you and then you can easily change these menus once the form is created.

Step 2:

The second step is to select a data table where you want to insert the required information. This will show you the list of options where you need to select the specified fields data and items. You can also choose a number or a data field where you would like all the information to be stored. You can also use or choose more than one fields and the setup wizard will create different boxes automatically. These boxes can be used to represent separate information.

Step 3:

Once the above steps are performed successfully, you need to select the layout type. A layout type is a representation of the data which can be a Standard layout or a columnar layout.  These settings can be edited even after the setup process or wizard is closed. Click on Finish once the steps are performed and then it will open the form in the standard layout. After this step, you will be able to modify the look and feel of the data represented using the standard layout frame.

Once all these steps performed you are ready to save the data and work you have done so far. You can always come back to the same screen if you would like to make any changes in future as well.